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You may call me Klariza, and I'm here to guide you through both writing and roleplay using this little blog. Content tends to focus on writing. If requesting anything, please check what is open.

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Anonymous asked:

Do you know of any gif hunts of Klariza in Dani's house?

Sadly, I do not! 

Anonymous asked:

For what reasons would a ruler of a kingdom get turned into a vampire?

This depends on the characters involved. Why would someone want to turn the king into a vampire? For eternal life, which could lead to eternal rule, perhaps. Maybe the King is sickly and doesn’t want to die. Perhaps the King believes in secret powers held by vampires alone. He might not even want to get turned - a vampire can turn him in his sleep or when he’s susceptible. It honestly depends on your narrative, Anon.


I will be returning on June 26th. I have regents for the next two weeks, and I’ve just finished finals. Excited to be returning to you all full force soon, and thank you for sticking with me! 

Reasons to read bad but popular books


  • Something about these books was good enough to counteract all of the negative parts for many people (otherwise they wouldn’t be popular) and it’s important to understand exactly what that is so you can use it in your own stories.
  • The flaws that would be more subtle in good books are blatant in bad books, making it easier to figure out what they are and avoid them in your own writing.
  • You might just find yourself a guilty pleasure.
  • If you ever become a published author you may someday run into the authors of these books at an author gathering.
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Advice: NaNoWriMo Tips



☯ nico liersch gif hunt ☯

↳+66 small to medium, high-quality .GIFs of NICO LIERSCH located under the read more break.

None of these .GIFs belong to me. If you see a .GIF that was made by you and would like it removed, just contact me via ask.

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Below the cut, you will find 240 gifs of Roshon Fegan. Roshon is best known for his role as Ty Blue on Shake It Up, as well as Sander Loyer in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2. He is 22 years old, and of Filipino and African descent. None of the gifs are mine, and if you would like to receive credit or have your gif removed, please message me (off anon), and I’ll be happy to oblige! You can also download them HEREPlease like if this was useful to you, and only reblog if you’re a rph, rpa, rpcha, etc. Enjoy!


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Anonymous asked:

(tw: Rape/Murder) Can I ask a question about something that really bothers me in this community? Why is it okay to joke about murder and play killer/assassin characters and say that they're badass and awesome and anti-heroic, but rape is considered taboo? Why do we consider rapist characters beyond redemption while murderers are glorified? I'm not saying that they aren't both vile and horrible, but is there a reason why this community thinks rape is a more vile and unforgivable sin than murder?

hawkeyehelps replied:

Because anywhere between 1 in 4 and 1 in 6 women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime.

Because only about 3% of all rapists ever see jail time. Around 60% of all murderers see jail time.

Because only about half of all assaults are ever even reported to the authorities, due to the stigma and shame.

Because of the rape kit back-up in nearly every city.

Because rape is still an acceptable thing to joke about it.

Because if someone gets raped, they were asking about it.

Because, in America, women are seen as worth less than men.